Having a Ball with Deena Ashley

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Shaped by Faith guest Deena Ashley is a singer/songwriter/MC/speaker. She has enjoyed singing as long as she can remember. With no formal voice lessons or music lessons Deena relies solely on the talent God has blessed her with to bless others. Deena performs all over the country and is a co-host and … Read More

Headless Mailbox

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It was Sunday morning and my husband looked a little more animated than usual as he returned from his walk up our gravel driveway. The newspaper had not been read so I thought he must have crossed paths with a snake or a skunk. My husband has large eyes, and … Read More

Friday After 5

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Teresa Thomas the Executive Director of Friday After 5 is on Shaped by Faith this weekend. She talked about the history of Friday After 5 that started in 1996 with only 4 concerts in the courtyard and how much it has grown and expanded over the years. Friday After 5 … Read More

Wheatgrass Juice Bar

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Shaped by Faith guest, Melissa Phillips is the Owner of Wheatgrass Juice Bar. She is also a Board Certified Biblical Counselor at Legacy Owensboro. Not only is Melissa the owner of Wheatgrass Juice Bar, she helps serve alongside of your husband Jeff, the Pastor of Legacy Owensboro. Melissa is also very involved in Women’s … Read More

Father knows best

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Obedience is one of those challenging internal heart issues that require an external conversion to positive action. Yes, to be obedient is to submit yourself to the authority of another. I have heard it said, “Obedience is easy as long as I get to do it my way.” For some, … Read More

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